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For everyone curious about my new creations and dioramas, I will have them online in the next couple of weeks.



You guys! I am sooooo excited!

Due to the Corona virus I had to think of new ways to expand my business online, without loosing the original and unique identity of Abiyx Creations.

I have been playing with this idea for a while, and a few days ago I pitched the idea to you guys on Instagram, and I got an overwhelming positive response!


What is Abiyx Curiosities?

Abiyx Curiosities is the new branch of my small business. Under the name Abiyx Creations, I sell my own handmade  items and own designs, which you cannot find anywhere else.

Abiyx Curiosities is an expansion with unique items as well, but these items are not made by myself.

I purchase these items with other suppliers or find these items in unique shops. Some items will be one of a kind and some I can purchase in higher quantities.

These products will be a great addition to your display of merchandise and fantastic to create a specific vibe for your collection.

I will show you unique display ideas with these items on social media and in the product pictures in the shop.

The products that will be included within Abiyx Curiosities are Glass Domes, Picture Frames, Vintage Looking Suitcases and much more!


I will kick off this launch with the frames showed below.



Stay Home Comic Con

You might have noticed the artist gathering on Instagram the last week. As you know many conventions got cancelled, and some artists had the idea to host an Online Comic Con. An idea they picked up from the ECCC (Emerald City Comic Con) artists.

The Online Comic Con will be held at the 28th and the 29th of March, the weekend the Dutch Comic Con should have taken place. There will be around 200 artists, 50 dealers and over 50 livestreams and a real cosplaycontest! A lot of participants are offering discounts. I will be offering all my products for convention prices, on both Etsy and this website (www.abiyx.com)

Subscribe on the website to see when everything goes live: https://stayhomecomiccon.nl/

Follow the instagramaccount www.instagram.com/stayhomecomiccon to keep up with the program. They will also be answering any question you may have over there!




In the meantime everybody is well aware of the COVID-19 virus (Corona) and it's effect on our civilization.

All precautions taken by governments are to ensure hospitals aren't overrun. Though not everybody takes these precautions seriously, I urge you to do. Follow the advise from your government and stay inside if they urge you to. Protect all elderly and weaker people, even when you are not feeling sick. Do not go to any parties (unless online in a videostream or something) and avoid contact with people (YAY introverts!).

Because not everyone takes the precautions seriously, it might be that there will be firmer measures taken in the next few weeks.


I ship from the Netherlands, and I will continue to do so, as long as I am able.

Every government has their own rules, so please consult with them to be sure you are able to receive a package.


Some countries are in total quarantine and do not allow shipments to be sent to any postoffice. The shipment will automatically be returned to sender if we do. So to be sure, we are currently only shipping to home adresses.


We want to thank you for your support in these troublesome times. A lot of artists are suffering because conventions get cancelled. So please go show some extra love to your favourite artists. Support them by buying an item from their shop, by Ko-Fi, or simply by reacting and showing your love on one of their social media posts. It all really means a lot right now!


We will update the convention schedule as often as we get confirmation or a cancellation from an organization. View the schedule here.


Stay safe everyone! Thank you for your support, we love you!


Elzo & Danielle




Keep in mind these will be shipped as a package, rolled up in a strong cardboard tube. Postal offices in the Netherlands do not accept this to be shipped as a letter because of the size. Only A3 prints available for the moment, A4 might follow in the future.

Shipping will commence from the 1st of November.



Comic Con Antwerpen

Last weekend we were at Comic Con Antwerpen. What a beautiful location the Waagnatie is! It's great to be able to go to these events and see the most beautiful places <3. I introduced my own creations for Halloween: The fat skeletons and creepy cute pumpkins here, and they were well liked amongst the crowds!

This organisation is the same as the Comic Con in Brussels and Ghent. It is a great convention where you can find the most awesome stuff. Because it isn't as expensive to rent a booth as FACTS convention in Ghent, you can find more private dealers here as well. They had Mr Weasley as a guest and he and the other guests just walked around the con like regular guests! The mood was great and we can't wait to return next year. Thank you for stopping by our booth!



London Film & Comic Con

We have just returned from the London film & Comic con which was held at Olympia London from the 26th until the 28th of July.

We have had an amazing time! Great to see all the new faces, and a few familiar ones! We even had time to do some touristy things, and ofcourse shopping. On sunday our booth was shared by the lovely people from The Leaky Cauldron in a livestream, I was over the moon! See the video here.


For everyone asking if we will return, it all depends on the Brexit situation. If the UK leaves without a deal (or a bad one) we will have to pay import duties on everyting we take into the UK, before we sell it. This is simply not possible for us. So lets hope we all get a good deal!

If we will be back, we will sadly not be returning to the London Film & Comic Con itself. Though everyone was great and super supportive, some things were not that great. The organisation was a bit chaotic and I like to plan things ahead, which was not really possible. LFCC is mainly focussed on the big Hollywood guests, and merchandise is a byproduct. We would like to visit a convention like MCM where merchandise is the main focus and see if that event fares better for us.


The BEST place to have breakfast in London is Le Pain Quotidien (in our opinion). It is fairly pricey, but soooo good and healthy. Please mind that if you order a LARGE cappucino, you will get one like a soupbowl size, AMAZING! There are more locations of this franchise in London, but we suggest you visit the one next to Regent street. We have tried multiple locations, and the service and food was the absolute best with this one.


If you're a Harry Potter fan like I am, visit these locations while you're in London:

Kings Cross station

> You can visit the platform 9 3/4 shop and get your photo taken with the cart like in the movies! When you would like to grab a bite, visit Prezzo on the balcony. It's one of our favourite restaurants in London. And don't forget to get some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat!


> This super duper small and cute shop is home of all official graphic designs done in all movies of both Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter. you can get exclusive and limited prints, postcards, magnets and more!

The Noble Collection Shop

> Noble collection has done a lot of official merchandise for Harry Potter, as well as other franchises like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. If you are a collector, I would definitely check this shop out when you're in Londen. The basement has several large props signed by famous people as well!

Harry Potter studio tour

> If you can get tickets, this is an absolute must when visiting London as a Harry Potter fan! We were too late to book tickets, because you have to book at least 2 months ahead online... The studios have the filmsets from the movies and several interactive stuff you can do and buy.

Forbidden Planet

> Forbidden Planet is one of the biggest Geek shops I have ever seen. Collectibles galore, and in the basement, you will find so so many comic books and other geek stuff like boardgames and geeky novels. They also sell a lot of HP merchandise.


See some pictures of our trip down below :)